Does he like you girls only

This is the best way to see if he Luke you! Does he love or lust u!! Should u go after him !?!?!mabey!! Try this quiz and ull get amazing results!!!!!

Do u love him???? Does he love you???? How does this circle go arround and around! What's gonna be ur score!?!?! Take only a few minutes and ull fine out soon.

Created by: Dalyce davis

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. First of do u like him
  2. First of do u like him
  3. Is it lust or love
  4. Does he laught at ur jokes even the retarded ones
  5. Does he sit next to u when ever he can
  6. Do his friends like you
  7. Does he ever try to trow stuff at you
  8. Have you ever danced , kissed , or ect
  9. Do ur friends like him
  10. Have you gone out
  11. Do u have other people I'm mind when ur taking this quiz
  12. Do u stay up at night thinking about him
  13. Has he ever admitted he liked you
  14. Does he give you stuff
  15. R u a stalker do u kno his address ,#, and full name( first , middle, last) ??
  16. When do u see him
  17. Does he flirt with other girls
  18. Will this quiz help you and will u take others This won't affect ur points

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