Does he like you?(for girls)

This quiz will tell you whether your guy friend/crush likes you! Ready to take the quiz of fate??? Well, I hope you are, you better be! Have a great time!!!

Well, good luck, I hope you get the result you wanted! See you on the other side! you like to sing??? Love, NeptuneForever

Created by: NeptuneForever
  1. Does he know you exist?
  2. Dies he ever talk to you excessively?
  3. Does he try to find excuses to hang out?
  4. Does he have a girlfriend?
  5. Does he ever flirt? (tease, touch, wrestle, or compliment you)
  6. Has he asked you out?
  7. Have you dropped hints and has he responded well?
  8. Do you like him or love him?
  9. Does he try to make you jealous?
  10. Last question: where did you meet?

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