Does He Like You

This qwiz is very accuret becouse i have a crush my self.I hope you are happy with your hesols.Does he like you Does he not.

Does he like you Does he not tack this qwiz to find out.I hpoe you are happy with the resolts.I know i just said that.

Created by: Cutey Pie765

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  1. When you talk to him does he look you directly in the eyes.
  2. Does he smille at you.
  3. Does he talk to you.
  4. If you trip and drop your books he..
  5. Have you ever cout him starring at you.
  6. Do you think he likes you
  7. Did you like this qwiz (no afect)
  8. rate
  9. coment (no afect)
  10. Ok bye

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