Does he like you?

I'm sooo glad that you are going to take this quiz. Remember that the most important thing in this life is for you to love yourself. Do not take this quiz too seriously kk? ♥

Do YOU think that he likes you. Take this quiz and find out if he does! Rocognize the signs and go on with whatever you think is going on...I hope you have a nice day By the way...♥

Created by: fatii96
  1. When you talk to him does he actually look at you in the eye?
  2. Has he invited you out to do...things?
  3. Do you trust him with your intimate secrets?
  4. Has he told you he likes something about you?
  5. Would he tell you one of HIS secrets?
  6. Why do you think that he likes you?
  7. Does HE start small talk with you?
  8. Does he respect you?
  9. Did HE give you his number?
  10. Does he say anything about your family?
  11. You know that even if he doesn't like doesn't matter. There will be many more. Okay? Just remember that if he loves you he'll treat you like a princess okay? Good Luck!

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