Does He Like You???

Hi I'm Kiera. Im just a regular girl out of California. Living in the suburbs and decided to make a quiz just cause. They might not be right but that's okay! Just for fun!

This quiz is like every Crush Quiz. Deciding whether or not he/she likes your beautiful face/personality. It might not match, it may match. If it doesn't match that's okay. If it does and you get bad results DON'T HATE. You'll find someone.

Created by: Kiera
  1. Do you believe in love?
  2. Do he talk to you?
  3. Does he pay attention to you in conversations?
  4. Does he laugh at your jokes?
  5. Do you live in the same city/town?
  6. If your still in school, Do you have the same classes?If you work, Is he a customer or a co-worker?
  7. Do your families know each other?
  8. How big is your age gap?
  9. What do you rate this quiz?
  10. Do you believe he likes you?

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