Does He Like Me??? GIRLS ONLY!!!(sorry Guys)

Some people always wonder if the guy likes them. But they never tell them, though you may find little sneaky hints, but you just want to make sure that they like you, before asking them out, because if they don't like you, you don't want to feel awkward.

Have YOU ever wanted to know who's crushing over you? Have YOU ever been wondering what's going on inside his mind? Well, those questions can be answered with this quiz. It will tell you the truth if he likes you.

Created by: Myrcella Bonnet
  1. Does he try to make you laugh?
  2. Does he ever get nervous around you?(like talking shakily, nervous laughter, looking away quickly)
  3. Does he start talking about himself in front of you?
  4. When something funny happens, does his eyes flicker to you?
  5. Does he talk to you one day, the totally ignore's you the next day?
  6. Does he become protective over you?
  7. Does he have a habit of turning up where you are?
  8. Do you ever catch him staring at you?
  9. When he looks at you, does he glance at your lips, smile, and how long does he look for?
  10. Does he flirt with other girls, then stops as soon as you leave the room?
  11. Does he budge his chair up to yours?
  12. Does he hate it when you bring other guys up?
  13. Does his mates tease him subtly when you walk in the room that they're in?(like his mate saying"hey,(guys name)it's (your name)

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