Does he like me

If you would like to know if he like you, then take this test, (note) not all guys are like me, so if you don't get the answer you were looking for,there are plenty more tests like this one

Let's set it straight, not all guys are the same so if it's not very accurate, it's because you're on the wrong quiz. Don't worry, there are plenty more than you might think

Created by: Ryan Olivares
  1. How does he look at you?
  2. Does he stalk you?
  3. Has he told you that he likes you?
  4. What is ya'lls age difference?
  5. Does he look at your lips?
  6. When you wear no makeup, does he look at you more?
  7. Does he act nervous around you?
  8. Does he open the door for you?
  9. Will you rate and comment
  10. (No effect) I'm a guy, so if you didn't like it.... well that's why

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