Do you want to kill me

I know you people have some killing instinct. I do so myself. I know these words are a waste of space given the topic of this deadly quiz, but please take it for your own good!

You will learn if you are actually a cowardly, non-threat, or if you are serial killer, crime show, country wide material. You could find yourself in either. Take this to find out!

Created by: I_Suck_Right
  1. Those questions had no effect.
  2. Do you like to murderrrrrr?
  3. What most describes you?
  4. How much do your emotions control you?
  5. What emoji sticks out first?
  6. What sounds the best now?
  7. Pick a card.
  8. Pick a number.
  9. Speak honestly, I can't see your answer. Are you brave or cowardly
  10. Last one! Which do you like best?

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Quiz topic: Do I want to kill me