Do you want fatter or smaller?

there is very much fat people ind the world so dont be shy to show your belly its natural to be fat these days so go outside and show the world your wonderful belly!!

Are you small and want to be fat dont be shy to gain some weight so you to can show the world that fat is wonderful and natural this days so go now and gain weight!!!

Created by: John
  1. How many calories do you eat?
  2. What food down here you like most
  3. Do you exersice like jogging, go to the gym or something like that?
  4. Do you work or are you home all the time and try to gain weight
  5. now stand up and look on your feets. do you see them??
  6. Do you eat fruit often?
  7. what size are your clothes
  8. do you like you belly?
  9. how many times a day you eat?
  10. Are your mum or dad fat?

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Quiz topic: Do I want fatter or smaller?