Do you want a different life?(4supernatrual belief)

Have you ever wanted to just be free or float in the clouds or even be anywhere in the word? yeah i know it sounds crazy but thats my dream and I'm willing to fight hard for it and I know you are too.

Take this quiz add see if your ready to live your dream and never turn back. I've been looking for others just like me and I think is time I found some. Thats why, if you pass this quiz you will be given the chance to meet many others like you, but only I you truly feel out of place in todays world.

Created by: owl

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have a knowledge about the supernatural?
  2. Do you find it occurred when your the only one who has a better under standing of how supernatrual things go, when in a coversation face to face with others about the subject? (Ex:"hey, I wonder how does telekinese work and where did it come from, I bet some one made it up while doing a magic trick.")
  3. Do you meditate?
  4. When do you feel most at peace?
  5. (Girls/bisexual/gay) What will make you fall uncontrolably in love with a guy?
  6. (boys/bisexual/gay)What will make you lose your mind for a girl?
  7. OK now its time for the real deal, What would you do more, with powers.
  8. Are you willing to come near death, face it head on and win, to get stronger?
  9. Will you trust me if your not meant for a differet life?
  10. Do you ever feel lonly even when you have someone(as if your tired of just life you want something you cant even put in to words)?
  11. This is my last question, think, think real hard and tell me. When you close your eyes or go to sleep do you feel that even if the end of the word happend your not going to die.....your here for something so great you cant said or think about it, all you can do is just keep that feeling inside of you, or that once your sleep you never want to wake back up?

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Quiz topic: Do I want a different life?(4supernatrual belief)