Do you use too many "junk words"?

This is a quiz about the way you talk. Do you say "like" 1,000 times a day? Are you worried that you might be? Do you want to prove to your friend that you only use the words you have to?

Then this quiz is for you, my friend! Get going, already! Answer the questions, submit your results, rate my quiz, then comment about it! Thats all you have to do! Thanks for taking this quiz! (Like, totally!)

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. Your frined texts you: I'm totally sure that Sam has a crush on you! Your reply:
  2. Your mom asks you too clean your room. You reply:
  3. You get a phone call from Uncle Harry, who asks for your address. You tell him: *(pretend that 1212 Sunburst Court is your address).
  4. Whats yoyr favorite word below?
  5. Sam asks you to the school dance. You reply:
  6. You're About to hang up the phone. Whats the last thing you say to your best friend?
  7. The next day, Uncle Harry visits. What you say when you see him?
  8. What phrase do you use the most?
  9. Will you please comment?
  10. And will you rate my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I use too many "junk words"?