do you turn into an animal at night

there are many people out there that have extrodinary things about them but few out there that turn into animals at nightalos known as shape shifters. what is a shape shifter a mortal that turns in to animals for a way of life

are you a shapeshifter? do you have the symtoms to figure out if your a shape shifter? only 17 questions and results can answer this question and it all starts with the click of a button

Created by: mya403

  1. do you see well at night
  2. are you fast
  3. are you strong
  4. do people often think your attractive
  5. are you a smart cookie at science social studies math and reading traditionally
  6. do you hear unusually better than others
  7. answer this riddle beautiful I am magic yes my blood valuble seen very few my heart is stone blue as the sea smooth yet small find and it and I will find you and gaurd you with my life
  8. do you tend to feel watched
  9. do you often stop and keep your eye on something but you do not know what it is
  10. does your family tree go down to ancient time
  11. are you a friend of technology
  12. do you eat alot but yet still thin
  13. do you often get destracted while litening but yet remember the things you heard ?
  14. do you enjoy animals
  15. do animals often find you
  16. do you get along with animals well
  17. are you curiouse most of the time

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Quiz topic: Do I turn into an animal at night