Do You Treat Your Pet Correctly

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I made this quiz to see if you and your pet(s) are best friends. A pet should be you best friend forever. You should never treat a pet badly.NEVER!!!

Do you think your a good pet owner? Do you treat your pet like the best you can.. yes..or.. no! Take the quiz and find out yourself. This is a great quiz!!

Created by: EmilyGirl
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  1. Do you love your pet(s)?
  2. Do you hurt your pet?
  3. Do you respect your pet?
  4. Do you feed your pet like you should?
  5. Does your pet run every time he/she sees you?
  6. Do brush or groom your pet as much as you should?
  7. Do you know when your pet was born?
  8. Do you know your pet's favorite food?
  9. Does your pet have a favorite toy?
  10. What is your pet's favorite toy.

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Quiz topic: Do I Treat my Pet Correctly