Do You Think Your Romantic

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Do you know how to be romantic? Do you what is romantic and what is a turn-off? Take this quiz to gauge how little or how advanced your knowledge is about romance.

Romance is great! The better the romantic you are, the better your love life will be, the happier you will be. But take this quiz to see how much work you need to do to be desired by others. People desire a partner who is very romantic. This quiz will educate you on romance. Good luck!

Created by: driftwoodms14

  1. Where do you go on a first date?
  2. How well do you flirt? Be honest!
  3. Do you leave little "messages" for your significant other?
  4. Is it romantic to read poetry to significant other?
  5. Is being creative and impulsive romantic?
  6. Is it romantic to show public affection?
  7. Is it romantic to kiss with passion?
  8. Is it romantic to make dinner together?
  9. is crying during a movie romantic?
  10. Going on little holidays, is that romantic?

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