Do You rep PPT or LA boys

Are you a black person who thinks you're white and is the biggest poser in you school. Do you think you're the cooolest thing ever born but really you're not? Take this quiz to see if you're real or not

Are you a true G or are you a fake person who shops at abercrombie & fitch. are your rap lyrics weak? Do you go to a private school and think you're in some sort of gang?take this quiz to figure out what you are.

Created by: nunya

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  1. are your Lyrics weak?
  2. Do you listen to rock music
  3. Do you go to a private school?
  4. Do you play baseball?
  5. do you shop at abercrombie & fitch or hollister?
  6. are you a hater?
  7. do you talk s--- about someone behind their back. then say you were joking so you don't get your ass beat?
  8. Do you claim to skateboard?
  9. do you make rap songs that don't even rhyme?
  10. are you a b!tch nigga

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Quiz topic: Do I rep PPT or LA boys