Do You REALLY Know Lil Wayne ?

There are lots of Lil Wayne fans out there but very few are a genius about him. To me a genius about him is someone that knows his life story and how he grew up to become the greatest rapper alive !

Are YOU a genius about Lil Wayne ?f you think so then try this quiz ! Honestly if he is your favorite rapper then this sholdn't be hard for you at all.

Created by: Zhiana

  1. What Is Lil Wayne's Real Name ?
  2. When Was Lil Wayne Born ?
  3. What's The Name Of Lil Wayne's Newest Album ?
  4. Does Lil Wayne Have Kids ?
  5. What Kind Of Student Was Wayne In School ?
  6. Lil Wayne Shot Himself Before. Where ?
  7. Which School Did Weezy Attend ?
  8. Where Was Wayne Born , And Raised ?
  9. What Are The Names Of Lil Wayne's Kids ?
  10. How Many Kids Does He Have In 2012 ?

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Quiz topic: Do I REALLY Know Lil Wayne ?