Do you really know about Gaers of War 2?

Are you worried about u being a noob on Gears of war 2!??!well not to worry my niqqer ! :P if you take this quiz you'll find out if ur a noob or a pro ;) ( and yes i know i spelled Gears* wrong dont rubb it in -.-)

are you pro? or just a stupid noob -.- if your a noob go and start playing Gears of War ! and so you would probably get these answers right ! and if ur pro .... u would get a great score ! :o :D

Created by: Mercii

  1. Which of these to are on the cover of Gears of War 2?
  2. Can a Smoke Grenade kill someone?
  3. On Campaign, which character do u HAVE to be ? d:
  4. How did B. Carmine die ? D:
  5. Why did Dom had to kill his wife Maria?
  6. True or false. Is Dom Santiago related to Marcus Fenix?
  7. What map doesnt exist in Gears of War 2?
  8. What is Horde?
  9. Who is the leader of locust ?
  10. How many Carmines are alive ?
  11. Gears of War 2 in Campaign, how to you defeat the large worm? : o
  12. How many characters are there in COG & Locust?
  13. Okey last question! ;D Whos black in Gears of War 2?! (Im not obessed with black people xD )

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Quiz topic: Do I really know about Gaers of War 2?