Do You Really Exist?

Do people always ignore you? Does it seem like no-one can hear you? Do people always cry when they talk about you and shiver when you're around them? There is an explanation for all of this.

For Many years, the human race has wondered about if they really exist or not but never had a truly working way to test it. Well now they do. Do the test to see if you really exist.

Created by: BrycenFred
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  1. Do People Often Ignore You?
  2. Do People Walk Through You?
  3. Do You Have Any Friends?
  4. Have You Ever Died?
  5. Do You Commit Murders Without People Noticing?
  6. Do You Ever feel The Need To Burn The Town Down?
  7. Do People Ever Talk About You In The Past Tense?
  8. When You Cross A Road, Do Cars Ever Stop For You?
  9. When You Fly, Do You Prefer To Glide or Flap?
  10. Do You Think You're Real?

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Exist?