Do you need to pee or poop?

Do you need to pee, poop, or both? Well this quiz is perfect for you! I took some questions from 3 of my fav quizes and put them all in here. Do you think I could make you go?

Created by: RandomQuizMaker
  1. Here's how the quiz is going to go. The first part is is going to try to make you go and the second you have to go. OK?
  2. How bad do you need to pee?
  3. How bad do you need to poop?
  4. I want you to think of a waterfall. Think of the water cascading down a cliff... the rushing sound as the water falls from the top, hitting the rocks and water at the bottom. Did this do anything?
  5. I want you to think of chocolate. Not just any chocolate, but chocolate that's been left outside of the fridge on a hot day, and has been melted. Think of the squishy, mushy softness of the chocolate, how it just looks like a brown mess. Did this do anything?
  6. Do twenty jumping jacks. How badly do you need to pee?
  7. How bad do you need to poop?
  8. I want you to relax, close your eyes, and imagine yourself sitting on the toilet, using it. How bad do you need to pee?
  9. How bad do you need to poop?
  10. Go and drink a glass of water. Did this do anything?
  11. Go and eat something filling. Did this do anything?
  12. Ok if you made this far without going that's great!But here the part where you have to go. If you want to submit now you can, but answer the last 5 Questions.
  13. Pee yourself for 4 seconds. How wet are you?
  14. Relax your body and push as if you were pooping on a toilet until you poop. What happened?
  15. Did you pee during this quiz?
  16. Are you going to?
  17. Did you poop during this quiz?
  18. Are you going to?
  19. Hope you enjoyed this quiz bye! :)

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Quiz topic: Do I need to pee or poop?