Do You Need A Spanking?

Are you a bad girl/boy? Are you thinking of a punishment but can't? Well, you came to the right place. Welcome, to "Do You Need A Spanking?" Good luck.

I made this quiz for a friend. Please be as truthful as possible on this quiz. The outcomes can be a bit exagerrated. Again, good luck on the quiz. No matter what the question says, don't show your parents.

Created by: Jeeta the Cheetah

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  1. Have you ever done a crime?
  2. If so, what crime did you commit?(If yes to question above)
  3. How were your grades for the past 2 months?
  4. Are you a bully?
  5. Would your parents agree with your answers on this quiz?
  6. Why are you on this quiz?
  7. (If you are truthful, you will get points for having a warning, a maybe, or a good child. This is for your parents) Why do you spank your kids if you know it causes trauma?
  8. Are you ready for the result?
  9. Do you like this quiz? (does not effect score)
  10. If you do end up getting a maybe, yes, or a totally, what object would you be spanked with?

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Quiz topic: Do I Need A Spanking?