Do you look like me?

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This quiz' objective is to find my twin. HAhhaha just kidding its for fun, and for bored people to enjoy. I really hope you enjoy this (And kills time) I also hope...

... That I did NOT offend anybody. I'm starting to get paranoid, but whatever. I'm just saying... Okay anyyywayyy... enjoy!!! :D please rate & comment!!

Created by: HOAHHH

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your natural hair colour? (yes, british english)
  2. What is your natural eye colour?
  3. Height? (for the americans)
  4. Height? (Other races that use 'cm')
  5. What would you be wearing at home on a typical friday night?
  6. Do you have long lashes? (both are cool okay don't hate)
  7. Skin conditions?
  8. Body Shape? :)
  9. You are cool
  10. Rate and comment! :D

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Quiz topic: Do I look like me?