Do You Like Sonic?

Do you think you in love with Sonic the Hedgeghog? Do you care find out try my fun quiz? Ok and have fun comment/rate ok bye later.

The top fans of Sonic will get a good score, but you gotta really love him to get the best score on this quiz.

Created by: saralee123
  1. How do you feel when when you see him?
  2. Do you want to kiss him?
  3. Do you wish he was reall alive?
  4. When he smiles and looks cute do feel like faint or happy?
  5. Do you think he's cute?
  6. Ok do you know who I'm talkig about lollol.
  7. Do you like my quiz you should try my others=]and comment/rate?
  8. Is sonic your fave character on the show?
  9. What do you think of SONAMY?
  10. Do you hate Amy couse she want to be his girlfriend?

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Quiz topic: Do I Like Sonic?