Do you like someone?

You know that boy that sits two seats in front of you in English class that you find yourself staring at instead of taking notes? What about that cute girl that works at the smoothie booth at the mall that you buy smoothies from at least twice a day?

You've seen all the quizzes to help you find out if they like you, but do you like them, you know, in "that way"? Are they your friend, foe or true love? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Allicat
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  1. First, think of a person. Anyone. Seriously. Then use this person to answer all the questions in this quiz. So, for starters, how often do you see this person?
  2. How long have you know him/her?
  3. What is your relation to this person?
  4. What do you guys usually do together?
  5. If you had to assign them a color, what color would you choose?
  6. Which do you know?
  7. When they're close to you, what do you feel?
  8. What kinds of stuff does he/she do for you?
  9. What does he/she smell like?
  10. What personal info do you know about this person?

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Quiz topic: Do I like someone?