Do you know your horses?

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There are many horse lovers in the world but few true horse lovers. A true horse lover will know most things there is to know about horses, including tack, riding clothes and more.

Are YOU a true horse lover. Do YOU know most things there is to know about horses? Even race horses, breeds, tack and grooming? If you think so or even not, have a go at this quiz and see how horsey you are!

Created by: Willow Diamondheart
  1. Which of these are not a pace of a horse?
  2. Who is a famous show jumper?
  3. Is a Shetland pony a capable jumper?
  4. What is a baby horse/pony called?
  5. Is a Mule real?
  6. What is a NOT a part of the hoof?
  7. Can you get "white" horses?
  8. Which horse won the Grand National 3 times?
  9. What colour horse is a Flaxen Chestnut?
  10. Is a Palomino a breed of horse?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my horses?