do you know your goosh 45?

Okay now I know that not all people are smart, but I think you will need to put efort into this quiz and it will test your knowladge of the history of goosh

here comes my quiz. And in a few second you will find out the hardness of this quiz. Give it your best shot people and try to show people you don't suck like my brother.

Created by: doodle of [no urls]
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  1. how many Joeys has kanga had?
  2. Is kanga a girl?
  3. Is doodle Kanga's Twin?
  4. What is the name of Boingy's Joey?
  5. What animal is Sally?
  6. How old is kanga?
  7. Who are Goosh owners?
  8. How many Kangaroos are there?
  9. Is there a 'popkiya' Gooshoo? (name)
  10. are boingy and doodle related?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my goosh 45?