Do you know your film stuff?

Cinematography is the art of making motion pictures. There are basic things that every professional filmmaker either know or should know. It's the little things that make the perfect shot.

Do you know your film stuff (cinematography)? The way to find out if you know your basic stuff is taking this quiz. Let's see just how much you know.

Created by: Actress97

  1. What is the rule of thirds?
  2. What is simplicity?
  3. True or False, the color palet should follow both the situation and the background.
  4. What is headroom?
  5. What is a wide/full shot?
  6. What is merging?
  7. Which of these is NOT a reason to use a low shot?
  8. Which of these is NOT a reason to use a high shot?
  9. What is a pixilation?
  10. What is white balance?
  11. What is a shot-reverse-shot?
  12. When is shot reverse shot normally used?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my film stuff?