Do you know Whitney?

How well do you really know ME? Do you ever really take the time to think about who and what Whitney is? Many things about me have been said and many of people think they know me... do you have the facts?

DO YOU KNOW ME? In just a few short questions you will find out. These questions are not very difficult it just takes two seconds of thought. Make me pround and dont forget to think hard. I dont want to slap you.

Created by: Whitney

  1. What is my middle name?
  2. If i could travel anywhere, where would it be?
  3. What are my favorite colors?
  4. My favorite drink from Starbucks?
  5. When is my birthday?
  6. What is my moms name?
  7. What am i most affraid of?
  8. do i wear glasses?
  9. What is my obssesion?
  10. What is my eye color?
  11. Out of the six, what is my LEAST favorite movie?
  12. Out of the six, which is my FAVORITE movie?
  13. What do i like you to call you most?
  14. How old is Ashley?
  15. How old is Courtney?
  16. What is my niece's name?
  17. Would i lie to protect someone i love?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Whitney?