Do You Know Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell?

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Do you know Tomska? See how well you can do on this quiz! Okay, this quiz is a little different. You have to watch the video first then answer the questions! If you go onto Youtube, and then paste the links after the youtube link... Exampe: www. youtube .com/12345!


Created by: storyqueen

  1. Okay, please read the top first!
  2. In 'Ledge Man & The Assassin' ( /watch?v=FN1vPSkfVkA&list=UUOYWgypDktXdb-HfZnSMK6A&index=1&feature=plpp_video ) WHAT TUNE IS TOM WHISTLING AT THE BEGUINING?
  3. In 'The Confession' ( /watch?v=Sw6-uJCfeiE&feature=BFa&list=UUOYWgypDktXdb-HfZnSMK6A ) WHAT DOES TOM SAY IN GERMAN?
  4. In 'Musical Suicide' ( /watch?v=K-nDfVIVhsM&feature=bf_prev&list=UUOYWgypDktXdb-HfZnSMK6A ) WHO DOES TOM THINK THE GIRL IS?
  5. In 'Bad Singer' ( /watch?v=yk0ZBfbe2fY&feature=BFa&list=UUOYWgypDktXdb-HfZnSMK6A ) WHO RUNS THROUGH TO TOM WHEN HE STARTS SCREAMING?
  6. In 'Holy s--- Cats' ( /watch?v=5hjoDOnzr5s&feature=BFa&list=UUOYWgypDktXdb-HfZnSMK6A ) WHO SAYS "I WAS REALLY DRUNK WHEN I WROTE THIS!"
  7. In 'asdfmovie1' ( /watch?v=IYnsfV5N2n8&feature=BFa&list=UUOYWgypDktXdb-HfZnSMK6A ) WHAT LETTER IS ON CAPTIN TREE'S COSTUME?
  8. In 'asdfmovie2' ( /watch?v=tKB4h9gvmm0&feature=BFa&list=UUOYWgypDktXdb-HfZnSMK6A ) 'I LIKE TRAINS' KID HAD WHO'S HAIRCUT AND IS VOICED BY THE SAME PERSON?
  9. In 'asdfmovie2- Deleted Scenes' ( /watch?v=8PWlxfTFmyE ) WHAT DOES THE FAX MASHINE SAY?
  10. In 'asdfmovie3' ( /watch?v=oY6tCnu-1Do ) WHICH CLIP WAS THE WINNER OF THE ASDFMOVIE COMPETITION?
  11. In 'asdfmovie4' ( /watch?v=cYNdUM2gRsg&feature=fvwp&NR=1 ) WHAT DOES IT SAY ON THE NEWSPAPER?
  12. In 'Marmite Is Terrible (asdfmite)' ( /watch?v=am6fco14Gi0&feature=relmfu ) WHO GETS FIRED?
  13. In 'Ritalin'd' ( /watch?v=rN78DI12iis ) WHO DO YOU SEE AT THE END OF THE FAKE ASDFMOVIE3?
  14. In 'Bing And Spamcat' ( /watch?NR=1&v=T7JoZ7zobc0&feature=endscreen ) WHAT DOES BING THINK THE BANANA IS?
  15. Okay, now for questions without links!
  16. Tom also stared in another Youtube show. What was it called?
  17. What school did Tom go to?
  18. Tom currently owns Eddsworld. Why?
  19. When is Tom's birthday?
  20. Tom is a director and comedian is a group. What is that group called?
  21. LAST QUESTION! What is Tom's second channel called?

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