Do you know thecomputernerd01?

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There are many people who believe that they are Chom Dawgs but only a few of those people actually are legit Chom Dawgs!! Find out how much you know about Thecomputernerd01 right now!! Also, DM me on twittah :D especially if you are Josh. Josh please DM me haha @jannamalikk (:

I'm sure you're tired of reading this and your probably aren't even reading it anyways. So if you're still reading, thumbs up to you!! Thanks and I hope you enjoy my quiz

Created by: chomikk

  1. When was thecomputernerd01 born?
  2. What is his full name?
  3. What state (USA) does he live in?
  4. Who does he live with?
  5. How many siblings does he have?
  6. What is his sibling(s) name(s)?
  7. Does he go to college?
  8. Does he cuss?
  9. How many youtube accounts does he have?
  10. What is his favorite color?
  11. What kind of phone does he have at the moment? (It's November 21st right now)
  12. What phone service does he have?
  13. How tall is he?
  14. Has he ever been skiing?
  15. Does he have a girlfriend at the moment?(again, it's November 21st, 2012)
  16. Does he still drive his green mini van?
  17. What kind of car does he drive now?(November 21st 2012 lol)
  18. Does he like One Direction and/or Justin Bieber's music?
  19. Does he like heavy metal?
  20. Who is Aaron and Jacob?
  21. Who is Tyler?
  22. What is Josh Sobo's real last name?
  23. LAST QUESTION! IS HE A GIRL OR A BOY? Lol easy question (:

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Quiz topic: Do I know thecomputernerd01?