Do you know the Underland?

Suzanne Collins is the best author and The Underland is the best series about a world under our world. Gregor meets a lot of charactors. Ares, Luxa, Ripred, ect.

Do you know this amazing place well? Do you know about the amazing charators? Take this quiz and find out if your an Underland expert. Do you have what it takes to call yourself a fan?

Created by: kayla L. Cox

  1. Luxa gives the nibblers...
  2. Ares is a...
  3. Ripred has a scar on his...
  4. The bane's real name is...
  5. Who tells Gregor he is a rager?
  6. The last prophacy is... The Prophacy of...
  7. Finish, " The hunters are hunted,...
  8. Which is correct?
  9. What is Boots real name?
  10. Which group was NOT BOTH mentioned in the prophacy.
  11. What is Gregors other sisters name?
  12. Ripred hid under who to escape mites?
  13. Who was eaten by mites?
  14. Who were Lapbloods pups?
  15. Who was Ripred's pup, The one like Lizzie?
  16. What animal did Gregor NOT meet?
  17. Who was the first one sick with the plague?
  18. The Prophacy of secrete was written as a...
  19. True or False?? The only book that Lizzie was in the Underland was "...Marks of Secret".
  20. Finish. Catch the Nibblers in a trap...
  21. What were the two Shiners names in "...Prophacy of bane".
  22. The Underland is Underneath...
  23. In the Code of Claw which for letters don't change?
  24. WHO IS THE BEST AUTHOR EVER???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Quiz topic: Do I know the Underland?