Do you know the lion witch and wardrobe

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If you take this quiz you will find yourself answering questions about the title of the quiz (the lion the witch and the wardrobe)and there are some easy questions some hard (most easy)

DO YOU KNOW ALOT ABOUT THE LION THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE yes or no take this quiz test your luck are you lucky or do you just know a lot about it anyway find out and take the quiz

Created by: Sasha

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  1. Who is the oldest child
  2. How many children are there
  3. Who was the first to go into narnia
  4. What is aslan
  5. What does Lucy get from Father Christmas
  6. Who is the first person to meet the white witch
  7. What spell does the white witch cast
  8. Who is the youngest
  9. What did Susan say when she said they should take the coats and wear them
  10. What did aslan do when he came back to life
  11. The white witch wasn't completely human what other blood did she have
  12. What's makes it obvious Edmund was already in narnia
  13. What did the children eat at the beavers house
  14. What is the housekeepers name

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Quiz topic: Do I know the lion witch and wardrobe