Do you know Spongebob?

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Have you ever, or do you still currently, watch the Spongebob Squarepants series? It's an amazing show on television written/created by marine biologist Stephen Hillenburg.

Do you think you are a true know-it-all of Spongebob? Come test your skills! With this amazing quiz, you don't have to wait to see how good you are knowing SB SP. Find out today!

Created by: Frozen Heart of IcyDesignns
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  1. What was Spongebob's name originally supposed to be?
  2. Where does Spongebob live?
  3. How many tentacles does Squidward have?
  4. What color is Spongebob?
  5. Does Spongebob have his driver's license?
  6. Does Spongebob have a middle name?
  7. What is Sandy's last name?
  8. Where was Sandy from?
  9. Does Patrick have ears?
  10. What color are Squidward's eyes?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Spongebob?