do you know my favorite songs?

i have many favorite songs but do you know what they are do you want to find out take my quiz to find out i hope you like it !!!! i had lotsss of fun making this one.

i lovee been random and if you have takin my other quizzes and acualy read the description you would already know that but i dont think many people read them meow bark

Created by: Lolallday

  1. what is my favorite ADELE song?
  2. whats my favorite nicki minaj song?
  3. whats my favorite drake song?
  4. whats my favorite lil wayne song?
  5. whats my favorite young money song?
  6. whats my favorite eminem song?
  7. whats my favorite rihanna song?
  8. what my favorite katy perry song?
  9. whats my favorite LMFAO SONG?
  10. in the coments section tell me yur fav song just for fun u dont have to if u dont want to lol

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Quiz topic: Do I know my favorite songs?