Do you know my fanfiction?

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You must be a lord of the rings fan to take this quiz, just warning you. and if you haven't read my fanfiction just guess the answers or f--- off. seriously.

But, if you have read my fanfiction, or at least know the world of Tolkien, be my guest, i wish you the best of luck! and hope you liked/like my fanfics!

Created by: KittyCatGamer
  1. Who is the main character?
  2. Who is the main character?
  3. Who is the main antagonist?
  4. Who is Anilmathiel's best friend?
  5. What is Anilmathiel's nickname?
  6. Who is Anila dating?
  7. Who are the elves?
  8. Who are the 'creepy characters'?
  9. Who are the hobbits?
  10. Who are the dwarves?
  11. Who are the dragons?
  12. Who are the men/women?
  13. Who are the 'evil ones'?
  14. Who are Anila's parents?
  15. What is the problem?
  16. Who does the witch king marry?
  17. Who does Izgul marry?
  18. The mouth of sauron is crushing on...
  19. What are Dementor and the Witch king's children named?
  20. Legolas and Anila's children are named...
  21. They all live in...
  22. What color is Anila's dragon?
  23. Where does Anila live?
  24. What happens when Serethiel is born?
  25. Can Anila use magic?
  26. How does Anila get through Mordor?
  27. In the first chapter who is the wraith that gets captured?
  28. My fanfiction is called...
  29. What is my name i sign it with?
  30. Finally, do you know which character I chose to represent myself?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my fanfiction?