Do you know meh?

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Erm, okay. This is THE yes I did all caps on THE quiz! Weeeeehoooooo. Yayay! Wait, why am I saying 'yayay'? I should be saying 'booboo'! Lol. See what I did there. xD >.< Or not...

Anywhore, (okayy you must have seen what I did there. :P) -I am waaaayy bored. Ha ha ha, that was so funneh! Not. Good day, meh ☆! I must get going! Bye. í—í—

Created by: PuPpYxoxo

  1. What's my fave quote?
  2. What's my fave color?
  3. What's my name? .-.
  4. Band??:
  5. Age??:
  6. Pet??:
  7. TV show??:
  8. Male singer??:
  9. Female singer??:
  10. SONG??:

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Quiz topic: Do I know meh?