Do You Know Me Well??

Well, I hope you score high!! I say congrats on WHATEVER score you get! Exept if its 0%. Then we're having problems. xDDD Jk jk. I dont know you, so, eh. Good luck to you sir/ma'am!

Hope you have fun && I hope you score high! Yea, blah blah blah. Shtuff, meh, doggeh. Hiya! You know meh name, right-o?? KayKay, good. ;) I want you to DO GOOD!! Okah, Buh Bye now!

Created by: RemysFault

  1. What is my name? ((Total Give))
  2. What is my favorite colour?
  3. What is my middle name??
  4. What is my last name??
  5. What is my hair color?? Anything special??
  6. What is my eye colour??
  7. How old am I??
  8. When ((Haha)) is meh birthday??
  9. What is my favorite song?
  10. What my favorite food??
  11. Whats my favorite word??
  12. Lastly, did you like the quiz? Was it weird? Will you rate? Comment?
  13. I love you!!!
  14. OKAY: Now, this is the last question: What GENDER am I??

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Me Well??