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Okay, this is a long Test, but if you think you know me then it is so worth it. But you have to know my likes, and this is not all. It has 20 questions and I could have added more but it seemed kinda seemed to long all ready.

However, to all my friends, this will test how well you know me. (Hint: June, Tat, Emo.) The pressure is so on now, if you take the quiz. *Laughs* Don't worry, you'll do fine, hopefully...

Created by: J_Angel_

  1. What is my favorite color?
  2. What is my favorite animal?
  3. What is my favorite mythical creature?
  4. What is my favorite number?
  5. What is my favorite Season?
  6. What is my favorite Holiday?
  7. What is my Favorite NFL Sports Team?
  8. What is my Favorite Soda?
  9. What is my Favorite Food?
  10. What is my favorite Candy?
  11. What is my Favorite Type of Music?
  12. What is my Favorite Singer's?
  13. Fill in the Blank:I have _________ and supposedly ADHD.
  14. I love to read, so what's my favorite book series?
  15. What is my Favorite Movie?
  16. What is my Favorite School Class?
  17. What are my Favorite Activites
  18. What is my Favorite Brand?
  19. If I was to make a pack, would you join it!?
  20. Did you like my Test?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Me?