do you know me?

this is to find out if you know me and i would like to know if you dont know me and you can comment on the thing thing well i really think i should get to know some one here i know that i know a couple of pepole here i would like to know someone new ex boys are my top list

do you know me? dont waste time? i love? who knows? i love weed? jk about the weed thing are you my type is my next quis? board here? hell yeah? call me how loves emminem? me? me wat? idk???

Created by: ruby62

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  1. wat color are my eyes?
  2. how tall am i?
  3. wats my fav colors?
  4. am i?
  5. how old am i?
  6. wat movies i like?
  7. wat color is my hair?
  8. wat grade am i in?
  9. umm are you enjoing this quiz
  10. almost done

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Quiz topic: Do I know me?