Do you know me?

Do you know me? Am I the person who you've been stalkiing? So.... Hi. I know 1 friend on this sight. Maybe I will find more... hey shadowgal123

If you have no clue, just guess dis quiz for fun! I felt like doing this so have fun i like cats i need more characters so yeah have a lot of fun few more

Created by: shadowlove

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  1. Am i a girl or a guy
  2. what grade?
  3. what class do i hav first
  4. Who is my PE coach?
  5. What position do I play softball?
  6. What do is my science teacher's nickname
  7. Who are my best friends
  8. Do I have a cell phone?
  9. Do i have an e-reader
  10. do i have a ps3
  11. What class am I a teacher's pet in
  12. What language is my name from
  13. am i single
  14. What state
  15. My friend Christine lived in...
  16. Ready for da results

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Quiz topic: Do I know me?