Do You Know Me?

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Hi everyone! Let's see how well you know me by doing this quiz! You might, you won't, but let's find out! I hope you DO know me! That would be nice :) I made the quiz image by the way.

But don't forget to go see my other account (you have to see who on a different quiz but do THIS quiz FIRST please! Ty!) But anyways, have a wonderful day and good bye!

Created by: Sen_Si

  1. I make FNAF quizzes too! But who am I in the quizzes?
  2. What's my fav color?
  3. What's my pet peeve?
  4. When's my birthday?
  5. What's my other account called?
  6. What quizzes do I do MORE on this account?
  7. What's my fav animal?
  8. Do I have pets?
  9. How many accounts do I have?
  10. What's my zodiac sign?
  11. How old am I?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Me?