Do you know marapets history

The quiz is to go along with my marapet site in which is about marapet history. I thought it would be a fun activity to do, and thought the viewers would enjoy it. Silly people are trying to make me write 150, who wants to write 300 words on there site???

I hope you enjoy the quiz. I really dont have much else to right, but there making me write it so I'm writing alot of blahs. More words to fill up this space, I sure hate having to do this. Its boring and uninteresting. I hope i have hundard and fifty words now.

Created by: Unicorn_misschief
  1. Lets start easy, What pet used to be Limited Edition.
  2. What was the first april fools prank??
  3. What Color was the first layout?
  4. At what amount of hits did we get 30 Avatars and called a crazy number???
  5. In what month is Marapets b-day. ((not really a history question but it can be found on my site))
  6. Did marapets give out an e-mail address???
  7. What feature was talked about but hasn't been released?
  8. Did we ever have a Fasoro on a logo?
  9. Did we ever have a Fasoro on a logo?
  10. Have the staff ever been frozen? Self-banning, and quiting dont count.
  11. What kind of pet pose did we not have??
  12. Have we ever had a "get rid of Oglue" protest
  13. Last question, What does mara-pets mean??

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Quiz topic: Do I know marapets history