Do you know Manic the Hedgehog?

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Okay! People who think they know Manic take this quiz! Let's see if you truly know Manic. Some of you will pass some of you will fail. That's how it goes.

Are you still here? Or are you just trying to get on my last nerve? Huh it better be the first one, I get pretty mean when I'm getting annoyed. Anyways good luck!

Created by: Silver776

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How old is Manic?
  2. Is Manic a boy or girl?
  3. Who are Manic's brother and sister?
  4. What does Manic play?
  5. True or false: Manic was raised by thieves.
  6. What are the things Manic do?
  7. Who was the one who raised Manic?
  8. More questions will be on part two.
  9. ...
  10. Bai.

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Quiz topic: Do I know Manic the Hedgehog?