Do you know Legend of the guardians?

The movie guardians is about a young owl named Soren who is a dreamer and goes to Ga'hoole where his stories and owl legends took place. He discovers the worlds still in great danger and teams up with his new friends to defeat the enemy

The QUIz asks questions about who did what and how thing happened in thenmovie. All correct answers were mentioned aloud in the movie, which means it is not based on the books. How well can YOU do?!

Created by: EmraldYE
  1. What is Soren's dad's name?
  2. Why do the boys fall from the tree?
  3. What are the two owl's names that capture them?
  4. What type of owl is Gylfie?
  5. Who kills Grimble?
  6. Who does Twilight bring in the burrow calling dinner?
  7. What attacks the owls on their way to the tree?
  8. Which to owls fight at the meeting over what the pure ones are doing?
  9. What does Kludd give Nyra as a gift?
  10. Which of the band gets creamed by a tiny owl in a playfight during the song?
  11. What is the legendary battle called?
  12. Who turns out to be Lyze of Kiel?
  13. Why Doesn't soren go to battle right away?
  14. Who is about to kill ezylryb when siren arrives?
  15. Who falls into the fire?
  16. Who betrayed the guardians?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Legend of the guardians?