Do you know how to spell?

Are you a genius in spelling? Ever wondered how is your spelling? With these 20 questions i created you will find out. Good or bad? You can find out now with this

20 simple questions spelling quiz to test your spelling. Im usually get annoyed from bad spelling so i create this quiz. Hope you do enjoy taking this. Thank you and Have fun...

Created by: Unique
  1. Amazing
  2. Pick one
  3. Pretty
  4. Young adult
  5. Pick one
  6. A group
  7. Pick one
  8. Pick one
  9. After today
  10. Gold diamond etc
  11. Grief
  12. Express thankness
  13. Pick one
  14. Pick one
  15. Pretty
  16. A tall animal
  17. Shame
  18. Pick one
  19. A tape
  20. A doctor specialize in children

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Quiz topic: Do I know how to spell?