do you know Harry Potter ?

There are many people who know harry potter, but fewer people really know harry potter! That's why we will make quiz to see if you think you know harry potter or if you really know!

do you know harry potter? have you read the seven volumes and have you watch the movie 8? Are you really sure you know his adventures? for knowledge to make quiz and see whether or not you know harry potter!

Created by: hugo
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  1. What is the name of the school where Harry Potter is?
  2. Who is the director of this school?
  3. How many houses divided the Sorcerer's school?
  4. wath's the house of Harry Potter ?
  5. Who is the enemy of Harry Potter and belonging to the serpantard house ?
  6. Who is lord Voldemort ?
  7. How do we call people who have no power ?
  8. What is the sport to the Sorcerer's school ?
  9. to go to the train, they take the track?
  10. what's the name of the elf ?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Harry Potter ?