you are a big cool person and have fun with my quiz i love nerds i llove nereds i love nerds i love nerds mi love nerds i love nerds i hate nerds so have fun with this quiz its really fun you rock ilove nerds a lot more than you good luck to you.

are you a big genius or are you stupid take a stupid quiz to see if you are stupid if you love nerds you are a freak / weirdo / crazy and a lot of other things. in few mins you will find out if yoyu know disneyu channel well or not so well.

Created by: KANDY

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  1. which show switched with thats so raven
  2. what time is thats so raven on
  3. what show involes a popstar
  4. what new movie is coming in auguest of 2007
  5. what hit movie came out on june 8 2007
  6. what was jhonny kapahala back on board about
  7. who is maddie on the suite life of zack and cody
  8. what is hannah montana all about
  9. who is lilly
  10. who is cody

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