Do You Know About the Miami Heat?

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There are many basketball teams out there, and each have had a share of NBA history. But a good team to watch out for is the Miami Heat. They've certainly showed us what they can do.

Are you an expert on the Miami Heat? Some people like the Heat, and if you do too, maybe you should test your knowledge on them. Maybe you might learn something.

Created by: Matt
  1. What division are the Miami Heat in?
  2. When was the team formed?
  3. Where do they play?
  4. How many NBA titles have they won?
  5. Who is the current head coach?
  6. When was Dwyane Wade drafted?
  7. When did the Heat aquire Shaq?
  8. Who did the Heat defeat in 2006 for the NBA championship?
  9. True or False: The Heat clinched the worst record in the NBA?
  10. What players does "The Big Three" consist of?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know About the Miami Heat?