Do you know about coral?

This is a quiz that is a little out side of the box I figured you all already knew about inside the box if not your coral would be DEAD by now! Have fun and enjy learning something new about your reef!

Are you really that smart? I hope that you enjoy this quiz and make the most of it! Take your time and look it up on the net it will only make it smarter!

Created by: Mercedes Wieger

  1. Reef flats is sometimes reffured to as?
  2. Disticnopara violancea's common name is?
  3. What are two words for asexual reproduction where the parent colony divides across the entirety of its surface ?
  4. What is the scientific name for ricordea?
  5. The two spieceis of coral that that together acount for one third of all hermatypic (reef-building) coral spieces is...?
  6. Which MH watts wil not keep an SPS alive?
  7. Which fish is not known to pair with a pistol shrimp?
  8. What should your nitrates be in a REEF tank?
  9. What is ppm?
  10. What is saturated limewater?

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Quiz topic: Do I know about coral?