do you have true friends?

a true friend is someone who you can telll stuff to, someone who will stick up for u, someone who will always love u just the way you are and also never forget you.

Are YOU a true friend? Do you have the guts to find out if u have a best friend? or a true enemy. Until now you could only dream. but thanks to this person, u will find out!

Created by: olivia_grace12

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  1. how many friends do you have?
  2. do you think your best friend lies to you?
  3. do you tell your friends EVERYTHING?
  4. can you trust your friends with your problems?
  5. r u bored yet?
  6. do your friends stick with you all the time?
  7. do u share lunch wif ur friends?
  8. think think think wats the first thing that comes to mind when i say this word.... true friend
  9. are u ready for the last question?
  10. do u think u will rate this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I have true friends?