Do you have that much Harry Potter knowledge?

Harry Potter is a series of books as well as movies well liked by children and both adults and teenagers all over the world. It is about a young boy who studies at a school of Witchcraft and Wizardy.

Let us become young wizards while we enter into his magical world. But please rate and comment my quiz because this is my first quiz in 2016. Moreover, enjoy this quiz.

Created by: Dhwani

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  1. Harry Potter series is written by:
  2. The name of Harry's schools is:
  3. The principal of the school is:
  4. Harry Potter's best friends are:
  5. The evil wizard who murdered Harry Potter's parents is:
  6. Harry Potter's parents were:
  7. Harry Potter's cousin was:
  8. In which bank did Harry Potter's parents keep their savings?
  9. What grand event was held at Hogwarts in Harry's fourth year at school?
  10. In the film Harry Potter who plays the role of Harry Potter?

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Quiz topic: Do I have that much Harry Potter knowledge?